Emergencies and Illness

Each family must complete an emergency form that will be kept at Little Audrey Play School in case of emergencies or illnesses. Please inform us immediately if your phone number or any other particulars change. In case of any accident or illness, the parent will be contacted immediately. The child has to be picked up within the hour. If the parent is not available we will notify the requisite authority of the problem. A first aid kit and a nurse is present for emergency requirements.

Little Audrey Playschool staff has to be informed about all sicknesses, allergies or disabilities your child might have - chronic or acute. Generally it is the teachers' decision on how soon the child can rejoin the daily activities. Little Audrey Play School doesn't accept any liability in case of secondary damage or a delay in a healing process. Please be aware that it is important for us to keep our environment as healthy as possible. In case of contagious sicknesses, like chicken pox, seasonal flu/ fever, mumps, etc. your child should remain isolated from other children until the risk of passing on the illness has passed.

The parents are asked to call us till 9 a.m. if the child will not be attending school that day. We will contact the parents to pick up their sick children and indicate to keep them at home if we notice any of the following signs:

If his/her measured temperature is over 100 (indicating a fever)

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Heavy cough
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Rash or unusual spots
  • Contagious sickness like chickenpox, measles etc.

If a child gets sick at the Playschool, we will do everything possible to attend the child properly until the parent or emergency contact person arrives.

In case of a contagious sickness in the Playschool, all the parents will be informed via note on our "News" board. In special cases, we might demand a medical certificate before a child returns to Little Audrey Play School.