Meals and Snacks

We do not provide food. Please do not send greasy food from home. Healthy food should be sent in the child's tiffin. You are welcome to send a special snack (cookies, cupcakes etc.) to celebrate your child's birthday or any other special day for your child. Please inform us of any allergies your child may have.


We provide all necessary toys related to the curriculum for the children. The school takes no responsibility for any valuables brought to school.

Quiet Time

After Interval/break we have a quiet time. This time enables children to process everything that they experienced throughout the offered activities. It allows them to rest and have few quiet moments just for themselves. During this time children rest quietly or sleep if they choose to. The quiet time lasts approximately fifteen minutes

Drop-off and Pick-up Times

In order to keep the structure of our daily routine, we kindly ask you to bring your child latest by 8.45 a.m. The Circle Time starts at 9.00 a.m. Our pick-up time is between 11:30 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. for Play group and 12:00 p.m.-12.30 p.m. for nursery and we kindly request you to pick your child up on time. Please avoid picking up your child during school time, children will be allowed to leave only in case of an emergency, with written permission from the Principal.

Diapering/ Toilet Training

Diapers are changed on a regular basis and whenever required. The changing mat and room is disinfected after each diaper change. Any soiled clothing will be returned to you in a plastic bag for laundering.

Parents should contact the school office for guidance about the above-mentioned topic.


Child's play is very spontaneous and challenging. Your child will be painting (we provide painting smocks), playing on the grass, in the sandbox, playing with chalk and various other materials. Please help us encourage this play by sending a change of comfortable clothes incase the clothes get soiled.

Our outdoor activities don't take place in heavy rain or extreme cold. Therefore it's very important that they are dressed appropriate to the weather. Hygiene is maintained at all times. We would appreciate it if you could write your child's name on all of his personal belongings.